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Fleet Management

World over Rapsys Info Tech users are saving 15% to 30% of their current cost of operating vehicles. How do you achieve this saving? By Increasing Productivity and Reducing Costs.

How do we impact your expenses?

The top areas for fleet cost SAVINGS are:

  1. Fuel – reduce miles driven (personal trips, routing, and scheduling)
  2. Hours – reduce stoppages and idling, increase customer time
  3. Safety – reduce maintenance bills, driving accidents/damage
  4. Fleet Utilization– reduce the number of spare vehicles by monitoring what vehicles are being driven/which aren't.
How do we impact your profits?

The top areas where we help with revenue growth are:

More with less – grow the business without growing fleet or field force size... and without increasing sales or sales costs.

  • Reduce driver overtime
  • Reduce private trips and after hour use
  • Faster response time
  • Reduce communication cost
  • Improved fleet safety
  • Analyze fleet productivity reports
  • Get alerts on exceptions
  • Detect zone violations
Our Objective is to help you cut costs. How do we achieve this?

By reducingyour fuel expense by reducing miles driven and engine idling, and over-speeding(a major source of wasted fuel).

Our Solution:
  1. Integration with routing package
  2. Monitoring and eliminating personal trips
  3. Implementation of anti-idling rule (5 minutes)
  4. Monitoring all instances of over-speeding
  5. Monitoring AC(air conditioning) usage on empty trips
Your Results:
  • 11% Mileage reduction – on equipment at 3 kms/liter
  • Our average results show that our customers experience 40 kilometers reduced WEEKLY on every vehicle!
  • This means fuel savings of over Rs. 3000 per vehicle per month.

We also have a Fuel Level Monitoring System where you get 24/7 secure access to fuel. Click here to read more about how this can lead to huge savings.

Your Return on Investment is Guaranteed. Most of our customers experience a Return On Investment (ROI) in under 90 days! It has been proven that from the third month onwards, the Rapsys Info Tech system pays for itself and also generates real and sizeable savings. Use our simple online calculator to determine your potential ROI based on just a few factors.

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