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Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking

Employee tracking is an intrusive process of collecting relevant information related to employee's performance at the workplace with the help of technology-oriented software.

Rapsys Employee Tracking System

The employee location tracking system is a result of the harmony between hardware and software methods that can monitor every move of an employee. The hardware tracking system defines the method of recording employee activities using video cameras, phone calls, digital interactions, etc. The software monitoring deals with encompassing an array of computer resources such as internet utilization monitoring, login/logout time monitoring, etc.

The objective of employee tracking is to monitor the work activities to ensure that they are providing high-quality services to take business ahead.

Benefits of employee tracking system

Address attendance issues

The main objective of introducing employee tracking software is to make an accurate attendance record of the employees. There are multiple factors related to the attendance of an employee off time schedule, start time schedule, arrival time, leaves, break times and so on. Apart from all this, the hourly work attendance is important to analyze the performance of an employee.

Rectify errors instantly

Employees don't always commit mistakes intentionally, they are also human beings and they can make some errors without realizing it. It is a very common scenario that employees misunderstood the instructions provided by the supervisors to complete a job. The advantages of monitoring employees include sending them reminders, occasionally checking their work and making sure that they are on the right track always.

Providing accurate feedback

With the employee location tracking system, managers can provide the real, tangible and correct performance analysis to the employees. When managers have real-time statistics related to the employee's attendance, leaves, a project completed and so on, then they can provide the correct feedback to employees.

Improve strength

Management can't gauge the strengths and weaknesses of employees in one meeting. To systematically understand the creativity, decision making, and communication skills of an employee, management has to closely monitor employees in different situations.

Legal evidence

If a conflict arises between the management and employees related to the wages or salaries, then the monitored data can serve as evidence in the courtroom. The properly maintained attendance record of employee's working hours and time off will support the case of the employer. In the absence of records, correct judgment can't be passed.

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