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M2M Sim Cards

M2M Sim Cards

SIM based tracking solution helps to monitor the trucks based on the location co-ordinates captured by the cellular network of the driver. For this application, the driver has togive his/her consent for getting the co-ordinates for tracking the vehicles. This SIM based tracking solution is ideal for the market / hired vehicles and trucks.

M2M Sim Cards

The SIM based vehicle tracking is desinged to track real-time location of a vehicle for better fleet operations without the usage of conventional GPS tracker devices. This SIMbased solution is cost effective, pay for use – Pay for the days or when services is enabled. No need for term payment as usually done on GPS vehicle trakcing solutions.

Features of SIM based Tracking

- Cost effective - No hardware installed / No monthly renewal / Pay per usage policy

- Consent from drivers before starting the trip of the vehicle - No privacy is affected

- Ideal Solution for Market Vehicles and Hired Trucks.

- Better visibility for Market Aggregated/ Hired Fleet.

Benefits of Using SIM Based Tracking Solution

No monthly payments

The charges are prepaid and pay when the services are used. No need of Monthly payments as Vehicle tracking solution even if services is not used.


Track the vehicle-based. No on a charge per unit. No need for GPS tracker installations.

Real-Time Tracking

Track the vehicle and consignment real-time using our SIM based solution.

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