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Fleet Management

Fleet management is the handling of all operations related to vehicles that form a part of a fleet. It is a crucial system that needs to be in place in organisations dealing with transportation, cargo shipment or delivery processes.

Rapsys gives you real-time details about vehicle operating conditions, driver activities, and fleet performance. With this data, you can achieve higher fleet productivity and efficiency, and lower fuel and maintenance costs.

What is a GPS vehicle tracking system?

Let's primarily answer the question: why did such commercial truck GPS apps appear on the market at all? The reason is the problems faced by fleet owners, including:

  1. Lack of systematization

  2. High maintenance costs

  3. The inability of the proper control.

Benefits you’ll get from the vehicle tracking app

Permanent remote fleet control
The tracking system means continuous access to information about your vehicles and the opportunity to get all the information you need about their location and condition at any moment.
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Fuel consumption control
You must admit that an unreasonable increase in fuel costs adversely affects the overall performance of the company and reduces its profitability.
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Driving style control
To evaluate the driving style of each of your employees, you have to take advantage of a telemetry-based GPS vehicle tracking system.
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Features of Rapsys Vehicle Tracking App

Real time Gps Tracking

You can track your vehicles through mobile or any browser in 10 sec intervel

Expenses Control

It’s about the fuel consumption control other similar expenses; all these money costs are needed to support the proper functioning of vehicles.

Managing a list of vehicles and drivers

It means you can add new drivers, assign cars to them, rename vehicles, and edit other parameters

Online chat

Definitely, an instant messaging feature would come in handy too

Driver safety reporting

This is a very useful feature, needed to ensure driver safety

Repair expenditure records

That is, the process of repairing vehicles and purchasing of spare parts should be recorded by the program on a regular basis

Functions of GPS Tracker for Logistics Business

Timely Delivery

The development of GPS-based devices enables the process from reception to completion of shipments to be more efficient.

In some GPS tools enhancements, there is a chat feature to facilitate the coordination between the driver and manager, so the solution can be delivered immediately when there is a problem in delivery. This will certainly affect the speed of delivery so that it can be maintained on time.

Reduce Operational Cost

Machine activity can be tracked through an integrated GPS. You can find out when, how long, and where the vehicle’s engine is turned on or off.

You can track if there is an idle or a change in temperature that exceeds the tolerance limit and take the best action to resolve it. If there is damage to parts of the vehicle, you can also be informed through reports from the driver, so you can handle it immediately.

Minimize Theft Risk

The feature development in GPS Vehicle Tracker devices can record fuel and cargo doors activity. You will find out if there is a large amount of gasoline reduction in a short period and mileage. This can indicate fuel theft.

Understanding Your Vehicle Odometer with Geotab

GPS fleet tracking and the odometer reading are related. Your Geotab GO device understands a lot about your vehicle’s health and the behavior and habits of everyone that drives it.

The relation between GPS Fleet tracking and the odometer is important because we understand one of the most critical pieces of information for fleet managers is the vehicle odometer.

A vehicle’s odometer is not just any number – for some fleets it represents milestones for scheduled maintenance including oil changes, tire rotations and comprehensive vehicle inspections.

With Geotab, your vehicle odometer is always up to date and extremely accurate. This article explores how this all happens.

As your vehicles are driven, your GO device will automatically record its location while intelligently splitting it all up into individual trips.

Save Money With The Best GPS Fleet Management System

Fuel Monitoring


Stay steps ahead from pilferage with the help of our fuel tracking device. Get instant alerts about fuel drainage and know your vehicle’s average fuel consumption. Prevent unnecessary fuel theft with our advanced fuel sensor technology to reduce the loss by fraudulent attempts.


Rapsys Info Tech robust fuel consumption meter ensures that you get accurate fuel refill and drain location updates on map, and are informed about the fuel level status.


Clients will be able to save upto 30% of financial expenses with our fuel monitoring solution.

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